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#include <pcre2.h>

int pcre2_jit_match(const pcre2_code *code, PCRE2_SPTR subject, PCRE2_SIZE length, PCRE2_SIZE startoffset, uint32_t options, pcre2_match_data *match_data, pcre2_match_context *mcontext);


This function matches a compiled regular expression that has been successfully processed by the JIT compiler against a given subject string, using a matching algorithm that is similar to Perl's. It is a "fast path" interface to JIT, and it bypasses some of the sanity checks that pcre2_match() applies. Its arguments are exactly the same as for pcre2_match(), except that the subject string must be specified with a length; PCRE2_ZERO_TERMINATED is not supported.

The supported options are PCRE2_NOTBOL, PCRE2_NOTEOL, PCRE2_NOTEMPTY, PCRE2_NOTEMPTY_ATSTART, PCRE2_PARTIAL_HARD, and PCRE2_PARTIAL_SOFT. Unsupported options are ignored. The subject string is not checked for UTF validity.

The return values are the same as for pcre2_match() plus PCRE2_ERROR_JIT_BADOPTION if a matching mode (partial or complete) is requested that was not compiled. For details of partial matching, see the pcre2partial page.

There is a complete description of the PCRE2 native API in the pcre2api page and a description of the JIT API in the pcre2jit page.

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